Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is 2012! Tyler had to work at 5pm and we had to speak in church on the 1st of January, so Lily and I chilled together at home. We were both in bed by 10pm...haha, kind of sad right? I did do a little photo shoot though before she went to bed because I found her tutu that she wore last New Years eve, and it still fit! She has only grown like 2 inches around her waist. Skinny minny. Take a look to the right of my blog and you can see her pictures from one year ago on New Years! She is getting so big!

Tyler and I got to speak on missionary work the 1st day of the year, what a better way to start the year right? Atleast we made our quota for the year already for speaking in church! My granny, gramps, brother Jordo, aunt Jami, and cousin Braxton came down to Clinton to watch Lily in church while we spoke. Braxton and Jordan slept over that night and it was so much fun! We played card games all night and even played hide and seek in the dark! I felt like I was 12 again, it was great. I am the best hider by the way, in case you were wondering! This is a silly pic of them playing Fifa.

To celebrate the New Year we all went to brunch and then bowling!! I love this picture even though its blurry because Lily was so excited to see Addie and kept hugging her! They love each other :) It was a fun time bowling, and a good way to bring in the New Year!

Lily LOVED bowling. She loves balls. She tried to pick up the bowling balls but couldn't so she was kind of frusterated. It was so funny!

What are your New Years Resolutions? Mine seem to be the same every year, but I love setting them each year because its like a fresh start and these resolutions help me so much every year!

This year I am going to read the Book of Mormon, Tyler and I are still finishing our resolution from last year to read it together, but we are almost done!

I am also going to lose some weight of course! A New Year is not complete without this resolution. Tyler and I have been going to the gym A LOT lately, so I am excited for this one. We have also been playing a lot of volleyball with our ward, which I LOOOOVE.

Best luck to everybody this 2012 year!! :)

Friday, December 30, 2011


So, I have joined the blogging world once again! I don't really know why I stopped blogging, but I am starting again! Instead of overwhelming myself with blogging about the past 6 months I missed, I am going to focus on one thing...Christmas! I will try to play catch-up throughout the next month though because I want to get this blog printed off! It was sort of like my digital journal, so bear with all of my posts :) Anyways...CHRISTMAS!!! And these are only a few of the pictures because Tyler got me a NEW CAMERA! and I opened it kind of late so I only got a few shots...and I am still learnign how to use my new camera :) We had a wonderful Christmas, we stayed at my parents because Tyler had to work until 3am and I didn't want to be alone on Christmas Eve. He is a trooper and drove down to South Jordan after he worked!

The first thing in the morning we opened presents! I had set out 3 balls from the dollar store with her stocking and she instantly went to them....she didnt want to open any gifts because she had her balls in her hand. She could only fit two in her hand at once and spent the morning trying to figure out how she could hold all 3. It was SO funny! Thats my little girl for ya, she loves BALLS and CARS! Haha. She says the world ball 'aball', which sounds like 'a doll' everybody thinks she loves her baby dolls, but nope! She hates dolls! I bet she will like them when she gets a bit older though. :)
This was my second favorite gift after my camera....a steam mop! I have wanted one since I have all of my wood floors now! My whole main floor has NO carpet, just a big rug, so this baby comes in handy! And it does such a good job! Love it! :) We were all a bit spoiled this year :)

For my Christmas gift to Ty I sent him to AZ to see the 49ers play. He of course LOVED it! This was his second favorite gift...a new cordless drill, step ladder, and tool bucket thinger. He also got that new tie ;) He was modeling his items. He is so funny, I love my man!

Other than her dollar store balls, Lily got a ball pit tent tunnel thinger! She loves throwing the balls out and having me get them for her....oh boy what a fun game! She also loves her little horsey. She has been SO much fun this Christmas!! She says Ho Ho Ho, but she HATED santa when she sat on his lap. She also had fun pulling off all of the ornaments she could reach and throwing them down the stairs. On Christmas Eve she pulled two off of my aunt Julies tree....and they were glass. She shattered two! Whoops!

This is cousin Addies new toy, and Lily loved it! Lily and Addie have been having so much fun playing with each other recently! I love to see them play good together! They are the cutest cousins! :)

Lilys Christmas.

After presents we went to church at my parents ward. My dad sang in the Christmas program, and it was SO good! I LOVED going to church on Sunday, and I wish it were like this every Christmas! It really helped me enjoy and remember the meaning of Christmas, and I felt the spirit so strongly. After church we went to breakfast at Jeff and Heidis. Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Johnsons! After that we went straight to Joe and Melindas for Christmas dinner. When we got home we played Kinect Dance 3 for a loooong time. It was a long joyous day with lots of food and lots of family! I love my family and every second I get to spend with them!! We have been so blessed! It has been an amazing Christmas season, thanks to all who helped make it that way for me and my family! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cutest Kid Contest!

Ok so you might all be getting sick of me posting this on Facebook, but I would just love to win so I can get some cute 1 year old pictures for Lily! And...I do believe she is the cutest kid in the world! I know I know, I am a bit bias... :) But if you could please vote, I would love it!

Just go to and 'Like' her page, then you will have access to the contest and you can find Lilys picture and LIKE that as well!!

Thanks all for your help! :) And if you think you have the cutest baby, you can still enter them into the contest! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter in St. George!

For Easter we all went to St. George! We have been doing this for awhile now, a wonderful tradition that we all LOVE of course! :) It is so fun to be with the whole family in the sun. I took a billion pictures, it was hard to cut them down for this blog! Here is a picture of our family at the swimming pool. Lily liked being in the water, especially when Tyler was with her in her blow up seat thing.
This was when we were dying eggs before Easter!You can't go to St. George without going hiking! We went on a fun trail and then climbed the cliffs.

Rach got Addie and Lily matching outfits, and so did Nana! It was so fun to have them matching, they are such CUTE COUSINS!! My two most favorite girls in the world!!!

Our fair skinned little ladies and my freakin tan mom!! :)

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took, and nobody is even looking! Why is it my favorite do you ask? Because this is what I LOVE to do! Sit and converse with my amazing family! Seriously, we are so lucky to all be so close!

Every year Granny has her Easter egg hunt! AND every year, there is a gold egg with 50 dollars in it! This year, she upped the craziness by hiding FOUR golden eggs!! I was the proud reciever of a lucky golden egg! Me and Tyler are especially lucky because last year Tyler is the one who found the egg! Yes, we are rich from Easter eggs ;)

Chillin at the swimming pool! Lily is just so cute I can't stand it! And she is SO GOOD!

Here is most of the cousins after a hard day of playing ultimate frisbee, shopping, swimming and relaxing!! These are the best memories ever!

Friday, April 1, 2011

So I thought I would write a bit about our adventures here in Ogden thus far! We are LOVING our apartment, and trying out new things. One of the big attractions here is the Solomen Center! I just got a Golds Gym pass there and I LOVE it! The cycling classes are my very favorite, and yes, they kick my butt! They also have iFly, iRock, Flowrider, Fat Cats, and a giant movie theater! They have lots of restuarants that we are still in need of trying. I can't wait for the fam to come and visit so we can try out all these new things! I have always wanted to do the iFly! They are just putting in a Walmart about 2 minutes from my house! Love it. There are a billion walking paths here, which Lily and I have been running on! I love being so close to the mountains, especially since it is warming up :) Another thing that I LOVE Riverdale Road and all of the SHOPPING!! :) We decided we are going to start looking for a house here soon, even though we have no idea how long we will be staying. We are excited to get to know our ward...and oh my HECK, I CANT WAIT FOR SUMMER!! :) Life is really good right now, and we are truly blessed! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patricks Day!

So as most of you know, I was SO excited to get me and Lily all dressed up in green that we did it on Tuesday as well as Thursday! Haha, really, I thought St Paddys Day was on Tuesday! I sent out a cute text to my family with Lilys picture...haha, my mom told me the hard news in her reply that it wasnt until Thursday! I just LOVE taking pictures of Lily! Here is my cute little girl :)
Her toe nails are even green! :)

Haha I just LOVE this picture! Check out them eyes!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6 months!

Six Months
Weight: 11 lbs. --- 0%
Height: 24.5in --- 10%
Head: 16in --- 6%
On March 7th Lily turned 6 months old! A half a year old, I can't believe it! I can't even describe how much I love her and how much joy she brings to our lives! She is at such a fun age, she is getting so smart! She rolls all over the place and can turn on a dime! She scootches on her tummy too, and can almost sit up by herself. She is always making everybody so happy, especially the strangers at the grocery store! Sometimes it freaks me out. She is the HAPPIEST baby I have ever met. You might think I am just bias, but really...she is one happy, smiley baby. I am so lucky!! At her 6 month check-up he said she is doing great, although she needs to GAIN WEIGHT. Dont we all wish we had the same problem. We now have to put more formula in with the water then it calls for so she can get more calories. She just is ALWAYS moving and so she burns more calories!! She also talks and talks which is fun. She hates to be left alone...and she doesnt sleep through the night. I was so excited for 6 months so I could wean her off getting up and eating, but the doctor said that since she is so little I still should get up with her so she can eat. Ahh! Its ok, I would do anything for her. I love her so much and am so thankful for her in my life!
Here is little Lily Bear reading a book in the bathtub :) She looooves bathtime! Her baths always leaves me so wet and very happy!